Sustainability in Public Procurement, Corporate Law and Higher Education

ISBN: ISBN 9781032151038 
Publication date: December 12, 2023 
Price: £120.00 
 384 pp 
Publisher: Routledge 


EPLG member Prof. Roberto Caranta contributed to the recently published book Sustainability in Public Procurement, Corporate Law and Higher Education, edited by Lela Melon and published on December 12, 2023, by Routledge. Caranta’s chapter is titled ‘Public procurement for the SDGs – Rethinking the basics’.

This book provides a new viewpoint and approach of simultaneously regulating seemingly non-connected fields in order to provide a fertile ground for a truly organic change towards sustainable outcomes. It addresses diverse questions of sustainable transition of the three specific fields to support sustainable practices in public procurement, private market transaction, and in educating future business leaders and legal experts by incorporating sustainable concerns as the underlying guiding principles of their conduct. It translates scientific findings into a practical format that can be used by diverse stakeholders searching for information and solutions in their respective professional fields. The underlying assumption is that a simultaneous action in the three respective fields of public procurement, corporate law, and higher education brings about more coherent and interconnected results that incentivise further action and changes towards sustainable practices. The book furthers the idea of policy coherence by building upon the findings in the field of public procurement, corporate law, and practice and higher education curricula. By identifying the barriers in the three respective fields for sustainable action and proposing solutions for either eliminating or minimising those barriers at the EU level, the book calls for further changes in the respective fields as well as for considering the spillover effects of these policies on other fields.