Sustainable Food Procurement. Legal, Social and Organisational Challenges

ISBN: ISBN 9781032486161 
Publication date: February 23, 2024 
Price: £130.00 
 246 pp 
Publisher: Routledge 


EPLG member Prof. Roberto Caranta co-edited the new book Sustainable Food Procurement. Legal, Social, and Organisational Challenges, together with experts Mark Stein, Maurizio Mariani and Yiannis Polychronakis. The anthology was published on February 23, 2024 by Routledge.

The book features two contributions from EPLG  members: Roberto Caranta authored the chapter titled The impact of the “Farm to Fork” strategy on sustainable food and catering procurement and Marta Anhov co-authored the chapter Transforming food systems. The role of public procurement.

This topical book examines sustainable food procurement policy, law and practice in the European Union and beyond, exploring the extent to which sustainability objectives have been achieved and evaluating the new developments taking place at both EU and national levels.

The volume features 14 chapters, covering sustainable public catering in three EU Member States – Italy, France and Spain, a comparative survey of the Baltic Region, including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland and Russia, and moving beyond the EU, an analysis of the UK and Brazil, as well as a cross-country comparison of the UK with Denmark and Sweden.

Drawing on the expertise of an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral team of authors, this book offers readers new approaches for creating value through public food purchasing and contributes to the global discussion on public food procurement to achieve multiple social and environmental goals.