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    On 22 and 23 April the University of Copenhagen will host an international workshop on Green Public Procurement

    On 22 and 23 April 2024, the University of Copenhagen will host the interdisciplinary workshop ‘Green Public Procurement’, addressing GPP law and public management. This Interdisciplinary green public procurement workshop aims to address current developments and issues in the field of green public procurement. The two-day workshop will bring together researchers within law and public management from the US, Europe and Scandinavia to discuss green public procurement from different perspectives. The workshop is part of the research project PROCUREGREEN funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. PROCUREGREEN is a collaboration between Roskilde University, The Danish Center for Social Science Research (VIVE) and the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. Several…

  • Sustainable Food Procurement. Legal, Social and Organisational Challenges

    EPLG member Prof. Roberto Caranta co-edited the new book Sustainable Food Procurement. Legal, Social, and Organisational Challenges, together with experts Mark Stein, Maurizio Mariani and Yiannis Polychronakis. The anthology was published on February 23, 2024 by Routledge. The book features two contributions from EPLG  members: Roberto Caranta authored the chapter titled The impact of the “Farm to Fork” strategy on sustainable food and catering procurement and Marta Anhov co-authored the chapter Transforming food systems. The role of public procurement.  

  • News

    EPLG Recognized in Swedish Competition Authority Report

    We’re delighted to share that the European Procurement Law Group (EPLG) has been acknowledged in a recent report on public procurement by the Swedish Competition Authority (December 2023). The report commends EPLG’s role as a distinguished network of 22 European researchers from different countries, focusing on the legal aspects of public procurement, with notable publications in self-published books and active engagement in conferences, seminars, and workshops. Congratulations to EPLG on this well-deserved recognition! Stay tuned for more updates on our continued contributions to the field of public procurement research.

  • Digitalisation of public procurement: 6th research report by the Chair of Public Contract Law

    La Chaire de droit des contrats publics (the Chair) of the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, published in December 2023 the report ‘La digitalisation de la commande publique‘ (Digitalisation of public procurement). The study investigates whether digitalisation contributes directly or indirectly to improving and facilitating the practice of public procurement professionals, as well as to satisfying the fundamental principles of public procurement (equal access and treatment of candidates, transparency and proper use of public funds).

  • Events

    On 27 October, the University of Turin hosted the workshop “Procurement Techniques In Green Framework Agreements” 🗓

    On 27 October 2023, EPLG members Mario Comba and Carina Risvig Hamer hosted the workshop “Procurement Techniques In Green Framework Agreements” at the University of Turin – Campus Luigi Einaudi (CLE) and online. The use of framework agreements has increased in many member States over the last years and is now considered the most widespread centralizing technique, being the most used technique by central purchasing bodies. However, framework agreements are still not so much studied in all their implications, both from a legal and a management point of view. This workshop brought together the most experienced users of framework agreements in Europe to compare their techniques and legal solutions…

  • Mandatory Sustainability Requirements in EU Public Procurement Law. Reflections on a Paradigm Shift

    EPLG members Willem Janssen and Roberto Caranta co-edited the anthology “Mandatory Sustainability Requirements in EU Public Procurement Law. Reflections on a Paradigm Shift”. The book, published on 5 October 2023 by Bloomsbury Publishing, provides the first comprehensive appraisal of the paradigm shift towards mandatory sustainability requirements in EU public procurement law. The book includes novel sectoral studies on transport, food, clothing, and construction, discussing how change is taking place and what its major challenges are for the future. Chapters on Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and more, offer case studies of Member States that have already introduced mandatory requirements and highlight lessons learnt.

  • Digital Technologies and Public Procurement. Gatekeeping and Experimentation in Digital Public Governance

    Professor and EPLG member Albert Sanchez-Graells will publish his monograph on Digital Technologies and Public Procurement in March 2024. His work provides a theoretical analysis and a detailed case study of public procurement digitalisation and challenges the emerging consensus that procurement is a useful tool of digital regulation. Moreover, the author proposes alternative methods of digital technology regulation, based on an innovative technology-centred transdisciplinary legal method.

  • Shaping Sustainable Public Procurement Laws in the European Union

    A new study by EPLG members Marta Andhov, Roberto Caranta, Willem A. Janssen and Olga Martin-Ortega on SHAPING SUSTAINABLE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT LAWS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION – An analysis of the legislative development from ‘how to buy’ to ‘what to buy’ in current and future EU legislative initiatives was published in November 2022. The study was conducted in light of the Greens/EFA Group’s long-standing demand to make sustainability criteria mandatory in public procurement by formulating concrete proposals for how the EU public procurement framework could be adapted or complemented in order to drive such sustainability considerations in public purchasing throughout the entire EU. Access Shaping SPP Laws in the…