Latest publication from “European Procurement Law Series”

Transparency in EU Procurements (co-edited by Halonen, Caranta, Sanchez-Graells)

Transparency in EU Procurements. Disclosure Within Public Procurement and During Contract Execution, co-edited by EPLG Members Kirsi-Maria Halonen, Roberto Caranta and Albert Sanchez-Graells (Elgar, 2019). This book (part of the European Procurement Law series) provides a timely analysis of transparency in public procurement law. In its first part, the book critically assesses a number of key […]

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Latest Publication by EPL Group Members

Joint Public Procurement and Innovation. Lessons Across Borders, co-edited by Gabriella M. Racca

This book contributes to the development of life-cycle criteria tools and methodologies for public procurement in the EU. It collects both sector-crossing contributions analysing the most relevant theoretical and legal aspects, including both EU law and contract theory, and sector-specific contributions relating to some of the most important sustainable goods and services markets. The book starts with a chapter that discusses the different approaches to including sustainability considerations in buying decisions by both private and public purchasers, and then goes on to examine the EU law on LCC and how it is implemented in different Member States. These chapters address the challenges in balancing economic and sustainability objectives under EU internal market law. One chapter develops the analysis with specific reference to public-private partnership. Another chapter elaborates how multi-stakeholders’ cooperation is necessary to develop LCC, based on a case study of a lighting services procurement. Three sector-specific studies relating to social housing, textile and clothing and IT close the book.

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Other Works

Research Handbook on EU Public Procurement Law

The Research Handbook on EU Public Procurement Law makes a major contribution to our understanding of the EU public procurement regime, at a time when it is being implemented by the EU Member States, and of the pivotal role that this will play for the delivery of the European 2020 Growth Strategy. The internal market […]

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