Latest publication from “European Procurement Law Series”

Contract Changes: The Dark Side of Eu Procurement Law

Contract Changes comparatively analyses the contract modification regulation of 11 EU Member States, drawing on case law and common legal practice. As the first comparative study of material contract modifications, this book explores the interpretation of key concepts such as: unforeseen circumstances, non-equivocal clauses and the overall nature of the contract.  

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Latest Publication by EPL Group Members

Mandatory Sustainability Requirements in EU Public Procurement Law Reflections on a Paradigm Shift

EPLG members Willem Janssen and Roberto Caranta co-edited the anthology “Mandatory Sustainability Requirements in EU Public Procurement Law. Reflections on a Paradigm Shift”. The book, published on 5 October 2023 by Bloomsbury Publishing, provides the first comprehensive appraisal of the paradigm shift towards mandatory sustainability requirements in EU public procurement law. The book includes novel sectoral studies on transport, food, clothing, and construction, discussing how change is taking place and what its major challenges are for the future. Chapters on Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and more, offer case studies of Member States that have already introduced mandatory requirements and highlight lessons learnt.

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Other Works

Sustainable Public Procurement of Infrastructure and Human Rights: Beyond Building Green

Co-edited by Olga Martin-Ortega, Professor of International Law and Director of the Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group (BHRE) at the School of Law, University of Greenwich and Laura Treviño-Lozano, Early Stage Researcher of Sapiens Network and PhD candidate at University of Greenwich, this innovative book addresses the links between sustainability and human rights in the context of infrastructure projects and uncovers the human rights gap in every stage of public procurement processes to deliver on infrastructure assets or services.

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