• Qualification, Selection and Exclusion in EU Procurement

    Qualification featured prominently in numerous public procurement disputes in the EU as it is of crucial importance to the outcome of EU tender procedures. This volume supplements the previous volume in the Series on the award phase. The book also considers the implications of the new Public Sector Directive 2014/24/EU with regard to the qualification phase, and provides an analysis of the implementation of the new Directive in a range of Member States. The publication is unique as it is based on a comparative approach covering diversified national approaches to EU public procurement law.

  • Vergaberecht

    Systematische Darstellung für Praxis und Ausbildung Das Vergaberecht prägt das Wirtschaftsgeschehen im Umfang von rund 20 % des BIP. Es bestimmt über die erfolgreiche und wirtschaftliche Erfüllung von Verwaltungsaufgaben respektive über den unternehmerischen Erfolg. Verstöße haben erhebliche Konsequenzen, die Rechtsschutzintensität ist groß. By Martin Burgi http://www.beck-shop.de/Burgi-Vergaberecht/productview.aspx?product=16441834

  • Competitive Dialogue in EU Procurement

    Competitive dialogue is a procedure introduced into the EU procurement system in 2004 to provide an improved method for awarding complex contracts, such as those for public infrastructure and major IT systems. This book provides a critical examination of the legal rules on this new procedure, focusing in particular on grey areas such as availability of the procedure and the scope for negotiations after ‘final tenders’. With contribution by Steen Treumer, Martin Burgi, Pedro Telles, Gabriella Racca http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/law/european-law/competitive-dialogue-eu-procurement