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    New book! Joint Public Procurement and Innovation

    Joint Public Procurement and Innovation. Lessons Across Borders, a new book co-edited by EPLG Member Gabriella Margherita Racca and Christopher Yukins, and featuring, among many, a contrbiution from EPLG Member Dacian Dragos, is available to purchase on the publisher’s website (please visit this address)! From the publisher’s website: Innovation in public procurement is essential for sustainable and inclusive growth in an increasingly globalized economy. To achieve that potential, both the promises and the perils of innovation must be investigated, including the risks and opportunities of joint procurement across borders in the European Union and the United States. This in-depth research investigates innovation in public procurement from three different perspectives.…

  • Integrity and Efficiency in Sustainable Public Contracts.

    Balancing Corruption Concerns in Public Procurement Internationally “Ensuring efficiency and integrity throughout the public procurement cycle is essential to a sound allocation of taxpayers’ money. Yet public contracts are plagued by corruption, collusion, favoritism and conflicts of interest. This book addresses these problems from sophisticated, academic, institutional and practical perspectives. The book’s ambition is to shape the public debate in the procurement community by highlighting how corruption implies violations of fundamental rights and undermines the fiduciary relationship between citizens and public institutions. The analysis underlines how corruption may stem from – and yet be resolved – through the exercise of discretion in the public procurement system. Focusing on the…

  • Competitive Dialogue in EU Procurement

    Competitive dialogue is a procedure introduced into the EU procurement system in 2004 to provide an improved method for awarding complex contracts, such as those for public infrastructure and major IT systems. This book provides a critical examination of the legal rules on this new procedure, focusing in particular on grey areas such as availability of the procedure and the scope for negotiations after ‘final tenders’. With contribution by Steen Treumer, Martin Burgi, Pedro Telles, Gabriella Racca http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/law/european-law/competitive-dialogue-eu-procurement