• Contract Changes: The Dark Side of Eu Procurement Law

    Contract Changes comparatively analyses the contract modification regulation of 11 EU Member States, drawing on case law and common legal practice. As the first comparative study of material contract modifications, this book explores the interpretation of key concepts such as: unforeseen circumstances, non-equivocal clauses and the overall nature of the contract.  

  • Contract Modifications in EU Procurement Law

    EPLG member Piotr Bogdanowicz, Associate Professor at Warsaw University and Counsel at Clifford Chance, Poland, published the book Contract Modifications in EU Procurement Law in the Elgar European Law and Practice series.  Contract Modifications in EU Procurement Law provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the process of contract modification under European Union (EU) procurement law. The book examines the origin of the regulations pertaining to modifications, the legal grounds for modification and limitations under current rules. In addition, the book outlines the legal effects of carrying out a modification breach under EU law. Key features of the book include: – an analysis of the criteria which must be…