Research Handbook on EU Public Procurement Law

Publication date:  


Edited by Christopher Bovis, University of Hull, UK

Contributors: M. Andrecka, C. Bovis, R. Canavan, R. Caranta, C. Clarke, D.C. Dragos, M. Kekelekis, E. Matei, K. Neslein, E. Olsson, S. Panagopoulos, O.S. Pantilimon Voda, K. Pedersen, A. Sanchez Graells, S. Schoenmaekers, T. Tátrai, M. Trybus, S. van Garsee.

The Research Handbook on EU Public Procurement Law makes a major contribution to our understanding of the EU public procurement regime, at a time when it is being implemented by the EU Member States, and of the pivotal role that this will play for the delivery of the European 2020 Growth Strategy. The internal market relies on a simplified regime in the European Union, which will result from procedural efficiencies and from streamlining the application of the substantive rules. The Research Handbook has comprehensive thematic coverage which includes: public procurement regulation, strategic procurement, justiciability in public procurement, public procurement and competition and public procurement and public service.