Steen Treumer

Steen Treumer is Professor of Public Procurement Law and Privatization Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. He published his prize awarded Ph.D.-dissertation in 2000 on the principle of equal treatment of tenderers in the EU public procurement rules. His numerous international publications on public procurement law include many in the leading international journal Public Procurement Law Review which he has co-edited as from 2006. Steen Treumer is also editing the European Procurement Law Series together with Professor Roberto Caranta. Among his most recent works on public procurement is Udbudsloven (on the Danish Public Procurement Act), editor Steen Treumer (34 authors), Ex Tuto Publishing 2016, Modernising Public Procurement: The New Directive (editor with Professors Francois Lichère and Roberto Caranta), DJØF Publishing 2014, Award of Contracts in EU Procurements (editor with Professor Mario Comba), DJØF Publishing 2013, The Applied Law and Economics of Public Procurement (editor with Professor Gustavo Piga), Routledge 2013; Competitive Dialogue in the EU (editor with Professor Sue Arrowsmith), Cambridge University Press 2012.

Steen Treumer is currently Deputy Chairman of the Danish Association for Public Procurement Law (former chairman), and a member of the Complaints Board for Public Procurement that is the primary enforcement body in the field in Denmark. He has also been a consultant in numerous public procurement cases and has arranged more than 30 international conferences and seminars including two global public procurement conferences in 2010 in collaboration with Professor Sue Arrowsmith, University of Nottingham.