Related projects

SAPIENS Network – Sustainability and Procurement in International, European, and National Systems

SAPIENS Network is an international training network of 10 EU universities and 18 partner organisations (including international organisations, public purchasers, R&D centres, public and independent expertise centres, a lobbyist and a US academic institution (GWU). The network was created because unleashing the potential of SPP requires a new generation of experts capable of working across disciplines (law, economics, business sciences) and knowledgeable of the different relevant methodologies. 15 Early Stage Researchers are working on 15 different projects, distributed between the 19 supervisors and co-supervisors and covering 6 different disciplines.

The project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellowship.

EPLG members Mario Comba, Marta Andhov, Roberto Caranta, Dacian Dragos, Bogdana Neamtu and Martin Trybus are among the lead researchers and supervisors at the SAPIENS Network.

To find out more and subscribe to the newsletter visit the SAPIENS Network website.


Sustainable Public Procurement Law Course

SAPIENS Network and EPLG member Marta Andhov are launching an introductory open source course that discusses aspects of sustainability and EU Public Procurement law. The course offers various types of learning materials, including 14 introductory videos with subtitles in Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Croatian languages, podcasts, and open-access reading materials to deepen your knowledge.

You can access the full course here.


Chaire de droit des contrats publics – The Chair of Public Contract Law at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3

François Lichère, member of the EPLG and Professor of Public Law at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, founded in 2020 the “Chaire de droit des contrats publics” of which he is the director. In addition to Professor Lichère, the research team includes the Post-doctoral Students Adeline Meyner-Pozzi, Valentin Lamy and Oriane Sulpice.

The main purpose of the Chair is to build a network of interested buyers and awarding authorities, contracting companies, public institutions and academic specialists, in order to better understand the implementation of legal rules on public contracts and contribute to the development of contractual, textual and jurisprudential rules better suited to public bodies and companies.

The Chair’s research projects focus on: Health crisis and public contracts (2020-2021); The relationship between procurement rules and execution difficulties in public contracts (2021); Prevention of corruption in public contracts (2021-2022); Public contracts and sustainable development (2021-2023).

To access the Chair’s scientific publications and get more information visit the website.


BESTEK Podcast – Public Procurement Central

EPLG members Marta Andhov, Associate Professor in Procurement Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Copenhagen, and Willem A. Janssen, Associate Professor in European and Dutch Public Procurement Law at the Law department of Utrecht University, are hosting the English version of BESTEK, the Public Procurement Podcast.

BESTEK is a podcast about public procurement law, practice and research. In each episode, Prof. Andhov and Prof. Janssen analyse and discuss one main topic related to public procurement law and provide insights and tips to academics on a broad variety of subjects. The aim of the podcast is to contribute to a better understanding of public procurement law, while also making research more accessible to the public procurement world. Their conversations provide a starting point for further discussions between academics, attorneys, public officials, contracting officers, judges and policymakers.

To find out more visit the BESTEK website. You can listen to the episodes also on Spotify.



Professor and EPLG member Albert Sanchez-Graells runs the blog how to crack a nut, where he disseminates valuable insights about the use of emerging technologies to boost the governance of public procurement. The blog, which used to be on EU law, with a focus on free movement, public procurement and competition law issues, is now showcasing the outputs of the Professor’s research project ‘Digital technologies and public procurement. Gatekeeping and experimentation in digital public governance’, which was awarded a Mid-Career Fellowship by the British Academy for academic year 2022/23.