Les principes des contrats publics en Europe / Principles of public contracts in Europe

ISBN: 9782802767633 
Publication date: March 2022 
Price: 105 € 
 666 pp 
Publisher: Larcier 

Series: Administrative Law 

Editors: Stéphane de La Rosa and Patricia Valcarcel Fernandez.

Contributors: J.-B. Auby, M. Amilhat, V. Bouhier, P. Bourdon, R. Caranta, C. Cravero, P. Cerqueira Gomes, É. Chevalier, R. Colavitti, P. Cossalter, A.L. Durviaux (†), M. Franch Saguer, B. Ferk, P. Ferk, B. Fikarová, L. Folliot Lalliot, N. Gabayet, O. Giakouminaki, A. Havlová, K. Hodošček, S. de La Rosa, L. Lebon, F. Lombard, Y. Marique, P. de Montalivet, M. Morales, R.H. Nielsen, S. Pietrzak, J. Petrová, M. Pignatti, G. M. Racca, H. Rassafi-Guibal, M. Ráž, C. Risvig Hamer, S. Schoenmaekers, F. Schubert, D. E. Schoeni, M. Turudić , P. Valcárcel Fernández, R. Vornicu et C.R. Yukins.

In most EU Member States, but also at the international level, reference to principles has become an essential feature of the legal framework surrounding the award and performance of public contracts. A great diversity and heterogeneity shapes these principles. Together with the EU core principles of public procurement (equality, nondiscrimination, transparency), a wide range of principles is also recognized at national level, including principles of a contractual nature, principles related to administrative law, principles focusing on the competitive requirements, but also principles worded in a general way, dealing with social and environmental objectives.

This in-depth and bilingual (English / Français) international study, based on a five years research, contains a clear overview and an exhaustive inquiry of such diversity of use of principles. Based on a common methodology, this volume combines sources of international law, EU law (directives on public procurement and ECJ’S case law) as well as several national laws (Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania Slovenia, Spain, UK).

By grasping these sources underlying the implementation of principles, this volume is a groundbreaking contribution for understanding legal pluralism in the field of public contracts.