Roberto Caranta

Roberto Caranta is full professor with the Law Department of the University of Turin (Italy). Director of the Master program Gouvernance et management des marchés publics en appui au développement durable – GOMAP organized by his University and the ITCILO. He is often consulted by EU and MS institutions. He is working on institutional issues of EU law, and specifically judicial review, environmental law, and public procurement law. He was the General rapporteur to the 2014 FIDE Congress in Copenhagen: ‘General Report’ in U. Neergaard, C. Jackson, G.S. Ølykke (eds) Public Procurement Law: Limitations, Opportunities and Paradoxes. The XXVI FIDE Congress in Copenhagen, 2014 Congress Publications Vol. 3 (DJØF, 2014). Together with Steen Treumer he is editing the European Procurement Law Series. Among his most recent contributions in that series: ‘Mapping the margins of EU public contracts law: covered, mixed, excluded and special contracts’ in F. Lichère, R. Caranta and S. Treumer (eds), Modernising Public Procurement: The New Directive (DJØF, 2014); ‘Award criteria under EU law (old and new)’ in M. Comba – S. Treumer (eds) Award of Contracts in EU Procurements (DJØF, 2013); ‘The Borders of EU Public Procurement law in D. Dragos – R. Caranta (eds) Outside the EU Procurement Directives – Inside the Treaty? (DJØF, 2012). With M. Trybus and G. Edelstam he edited EU Public Contract Law. Public Procurement and Beyond (Bruxelles, Bruylant, 2014), also contributing a chapter on ‘Sustainable Procurement’. More recently he authored ‘The changes to the public contract directives and the story they tell about how EU law works’ 52 (2015) CMLRev, 391, and ‘Remedies in EU Public Contract Law: The Proceduralisation of EU Public Procurement Legislation’ in Rev. Eur. Adm. Law, 2015, 75-98.