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    EPLG Member Mario Comba participated in the workshop “Safeguarding competition and equal access to Central Purchasing Bodies’ agreements”, held at University of Copenhagen on 27 October 2021

    EPLG Member Mario Comba participated in the workshop for research project: “Safeguarding Competition and Equal Access to Central Purchasing Bodies’ agreements”, held at University of Copenhagen on 27 October 2021. The research project investigates whether central purchasing bodies’ agreements are safeguarding the aim of the procurement rules and find new ways of creating competitive and flexible agreements. During the workshop several Danish researchers in the field of public procurement presented their studies around CPBs.

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    La Chaire de droit des contrats publics – The Chair of Public Contract Law at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3

    In 2020 François Lichère, member of the EPLG and Professor of Public Law at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, founded The Chair of Public Contract Law (Chaire de droit des contrats publics) of which he is the director. In addition to Professor Lichère, the research team includes the Post-doctoral Students Adeline Meyner-Pozzi, Valentin Lamy and Oriane Sulpice. The main purpose of the Chair is to build a network of interested buyers and awarding authorities, contracting companies, public institutions and academic specialists, in order to better understand the implementation of legal rules on public contracts and contribute to the development of contractual, textual and jurisprudential rules better suited to public…

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    EPLG Members Caranta and Sanchez-Graells co-edited the book “European Public Procurement. Commentary on Directive 2014/24/EU”

    The book – published in Elgar Commentaries series – was edited by Roberto Caranta, Full Professor of Administrative Law, Law Department, University of Turin, Italy and Albert Sanchez-Graells, Professor of Economic Law, School of Law, University of Bristol, UK. This detailed Commentary provides an authoritative interpretation of each provision in the main EU Directive on public procurement – Directive 2014/24/EU, and is rich in its critical analysis of the provisions of the 2014 Directive and the case-law. The Commentary also highlights the application problems and interpretative issues being raised in EU Member States, which in due time will make their way up to the CJEU or even require further…

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    Steen Treumer has sadly passed away

    It is with a very heavy heart that we share the sad news that professor Steen Treumer, Copenhagen University has passed away https://jura.ku.dk/privategovernance/english/news/2021/in-memory-of-professor-steen-treumer/ . Steen was among the founders of the EPLG and a co-editor of the EPLG series. In 2008 he was among the few who first met in Orta San Giulio to discuss in house providing. Enthusiast about the project, he gladly accepted both to be one of our series editor, and to edit the first volume with Mario Comba, the brain father of this academic venture. While some publisher gave us a cold shoulder not believing in the relevance of comparative law as a tool to…

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    The launch of the SAPIENS Network

    The SAPIENS Network, has just been launched as an Innovative Training Network (ITN) financed by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Programme. It is an extensive PhD programme on sustainability and procurement. It will add value to our understanding of using public procurement as an instrument to foster sustainability and advance the field of public procurement law, economics, and policy and its application in practice. Members Marta Andhov, Roberto Caranta, Dacian Dragos, Bogdana Neamtu and Martin Trybus are part of the network.

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    New book! Joint Public Procurement and Innovation

    Joint Public Procurement and Innovation. Lessons Across Borders, a new book co-edited by EPLG Member Gabriella Margherita Racca and Christopher Yukins, and featuring, among many, a contrbiution from EPLG Member Dacian Dragos, is available to purchase on the publisher’s website (please visit this address)! From the publisher’s website: Innovation in public procurement is essential for sustainable and inclusive growth in an increasingly globalized economy. To achieve that potential, both the promises and the perils of innovation must be investigated, including the risks and opportunities of joint procurement across borders in the European Union and the United States. This in-depth research investigates innovation in public procurement from three different perspectives.…

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    New EPLG book! Transparency in EU Procurements

    Transparency in EU Procurements. Disclosure Within Public Procurement and During Contract Execution, a new book co-edited by EPLG Members Kirsi-Maria Halonen, Roberto Caranta and Albert Sanchez-Graells, is on pre-sale now (please visit this address)! From the publisher’s website: This book provides a timely analysis of transparency in public procurement law. In its first part, the book critically assesses a number of key matters from a general and comparative perspective, including corruption prevention, competition and commercial issues and access to remedies. The second part illustrates how the relevance of these aspects varies across member states of the EU.